Mathematics (530) - Master's Degree            
Master’s courses in the faculty are given in Hebrew unless a foreign student who does not speak Hebrew is taking the course. In such a case the course will be given in English.

Department Officials

Head of Department – Studies
Prof. Michael Hochman 
tel. 02-6584748

Secretary for Studies
Orna Barak
tel. 02-6584748

Secretary for Students
Orly Avital
tel. 02-6585137

Counsellors – Masters Students

Prof. Shahar Mozes

Prof. Itay Kaplan

Compulsory in the teaching programCompulsory electiveElective in the teaching programSupplementary studiesTotal for the degree (minimum)
לקראת מוסמך

The teaching program will accept for MSc studies students who completed Mathematics studies at the Hebrew University in a teaching program scope (extended or regular) with a minimum grade of 85, whose BSc studies included the following courses: Algebraic Structures 1 (80445) Advanced Inf. 1 (80315) Advanced Inf. 2 (80316) , Probability Theory 1 (80420), Ordinary Differential Equations (80320), Introduction to Logic (80423), Set Theory (80200), Algebraic Structures 2 (80446) ת Introduction to Topology (80516), Measure Theory (80617), Complex Variables (80519). A similar program will be required from students who completed BSc studies in Mathematics in other institutions.
Subject to approval by the head of the teaching program, in certain cases suitable alternatives to some of these courses will be accepted. In particular, for students who completed Physics studies in a teaching program scope the following alternatives will generally be accepted: Applied Mathematics 2 (80157) as an alternative to Ordinary Differential Equations (80320), Complex Variables and Applications (80314) as an alternative to Complex Variables (80519), Probability Theory and Applications (80312) as an alternative to Probability Theory 1 (80420).
The candidacy of students who did not study some of the above courses will also be considered. Students admitted under these conditions will generally be required to complete what is missing during their first year of MSc studies, in addition to their MSc studies. In exceptional cases the teaching program will also consider candidates whose average in the BSc degree is lower than 85 (but higher than 80).