Agroecology & Plant Health (715) - Master's Degree            

Program objectives:

Graduates of the Agroecology and Plant Health teaching program acquire the knowledge required for dealing with agricultural and environmental issues using a multi-disciplinary approach based on ecological principles. Both research and teaching center on studying the interactions between the biotic and abiotic factors in agricultural systems, and on environmental aspects of modern agriculture.

Areas of teaching include:

  1. General biological studies
  2. The dynamics of plant diseases in agroecological systems
  3. Pests and beneficial insects in agroecological systems
  4. The interactions between agroecological systems and natural systems
  5. Beneficial soil organisms
  6. Dealing with pests from an environmental perspective
  7. Organic agriculture
  8. Inter-plant interactions in agricultural systems


The program brings together teachers specializing in various areas, ranging from environmental microbiology, biotechnology and genetic engineering, ecology, insect physiology and behavior, to epidemiology of plant desease and controlling them using environmentally friendly means. The teachers are united by their interest in organisms which are beneficial or harmful to mankind, to its enterprises or to its environment. The teachers focus on five different levels – the molecular and cellular levels, the organism as a whole, research of populations and the interactions between different organisms. This wide-angled approach is also reflected in the curriculum.

The master's program places an emphasis on deepening the specialization in the areas of entomology, microbiology, phytopathology (plant diseases), nematology and virology, as well as studying and developing novel approaches to plant and environment protection. Naturally, this academic stage includes basic research in the department teachers' areas of research.

If you are interested in studying and understanding complex natural and agricultural systems which are host to interactions among various organisms, you belong with us!


All master's courses are given in English.

Department Officials


Head of the teaching program:
Dr. Yael Heifetz
Telephone: 08-9489218

Secretary of the Bachelor's program:
Ms. Orly Tal
Telephone: 08-9489223

Secretary of the Master's program:
Ms. Rakefet Kalev
Telephone: 08-9489219

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