Plantsciences in Agriculture (724) - Master's Degree            

The teaching program centers on the study and research of plant sciences and their implementation in modern agriculture. It is aimed at students wishing to expand and deepen their basic knowledge of the structure and functioning of plant systems on all biological organizational levels, from plant populations, plant-environment interactions to the sub-cellular level. The program offers a variety of courses on the physiological, biochemical, morphogenetic, evolutionary and ecological processes involved in controlling plant development and acclimatization to the environment. The program also focuses on mathematical modeling of plant-related processes, as well as on central topics in plant biotechnology.

All master's courses are given in English.

Department Officials


Head of the teaching program:
Prof. Leor Eshed Williams
Telephone: 08-9489964

Secretary of the teaching program:
Ms. Iris Izenshtadt
Telephone: 08-9489333