Soil and Water Sciences (716) - Master's Degree            

The topics taught and researched at the Soil and Water Sciences teaching program all pertain to soil, water and the atmosphere.

In the semi-arid to arid Israel, various factors – such as the soil interface, the transfer of water and solutes to the plant and the groundwater, drainage, development of sophisticated methods of soil cultivation, irrigation and fertilization, the identification of marginal water resources and development of effective water use methods – are all essential conditions for the existence and development of modern agriculture. The intensive exploitation of natural resources in Israel, particularly of water and soil resources, has led to severe depletion and gave rise to profound environmental problems pertaining to the contamination of soil, surface water, ground water and atmosphere. These problems call for in-depth research and consideration of all aspects of the sustainable use of natural resources, including examination of options for recycling agricultural, industrial and urban waste.

The research and teaching in the Soil and Water teaching program integrate both chemical and physical aspects of the soil, water and atmosphere. The teaching is closely linked to research as well as agricultural work. The curriculum includes specialized courses which provide in-depth knowledge on specific, narrow topics, and bridging courses which link between the various scientific and technological disciplines in the teaching program.

The master's program places an emphasis on developing students' knowledge and skills necessary for understanding and conducting research in a variety of scientific and professional areas. Our courses are intended for students of the Soil and Water teaching program as well as students specializing in environmental studies, the agricultural production branches, horticulture, and field crops and vegetables.

Following their diverse training, our graduates move on to fill positions in various areas of the Israeli economy: in basic and applied research in the academy and industry, in teaching, in agricultural training, at Mekorot national water company, at Tahal Group, in the implementation of methods for the detection and treatment of soil and water pollution, in the provision of aid to developing countries, at the Ministry of Environmental Protection, in various consultation and management positions, and in farm management in the public and private sectors.

If you wish to gain a deep understanding of these topics and be part of the multi-disciplinary effort to expand the limits of scientific knowledge and understanding, thus further developing and preserving a healthy, sustainable environment, from the home garden to the global system – you belong with the Soil and Water teaching program!


All master's courses are given in English.

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Prof. Ronny Wallach
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