Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition (723) - Master's Degree            

Program goals:

            The graduate program in Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition provides trainees with the knowledge and experience that are needed for carrying out innovative research projects in topics relating to food production, food security, food safety, sensory perception of food, nutrition-related pathologies, and physiological responses to dietary deficiencies. Our graduates gain valuable experience which allows them to join research and development teams in the food industry, or to continue on to higher levels of academic research. Each trainee is expected to carry out an individual research project, supervised by one of our faculty members, on a topic that is chosen by the student in consultation with his/her supervisor. In addition, each trainee is expected to complete coursework of at least 24 credit points over two academic years, in accordance with the program requirements as outlined in the course catalog, and in consultation with the supervisor.


Teaching and research topics include:


1) General biological studies

2) Cellular and molecular aspects of human nutrition

3) Food perception and sensory evaluation

4) Food safety and preservation

5) Food security, conservation and waste

6) Advanced topics in human nutrition

7) Advanced topics in metabolism

8) Advanced topics in food technology

Our faculty members include established leading scientists who employ a wide variety of cutting-edge interdisciplinary approaches to study these topics. These range from biochemistry, molecular biology and whole organism physiology studies on the one hand, to food engineering and food policy questions at the other end of the spectrum. Our MSc and PhD programs emphasize the development of individual research skills, which are essential for a successful scientific career whether in the industrial sector or in academia.


All master's courses are given in English.

Department Officials


Head of the teaching program:
Prof. Zvi Hayouka
Telephone: 08-9489019

Ms. Gili Avidor-Gafni
Telephone: 08-9489265