Veterinary Public Health (736) - Master's Degree            

The master's program in Veterinary Public Health (MVPH) is a joint program of the School of Veterinary Medicine and the School of Public Health and Community Medicine. The program aims to strengthen the bonds between veterinarians and the system of public health for the benefit of the health of the population. Animals live in proximity to man as pets, as a source of food and as cohabitants of the same environment. This proximity, though beneficial to man, also poses a threat to his health, particularly due to potential transfer of pathogens and environmental pollution, and presents an ethical challenge in protecting animal welfare. Veterinarians are best fit to fill key positions in public health and in the supervision of the production chain of animal-based foods; however, the lack of sufficient training relevant to these topics in schools of veterinary medicine brought about the need for these principles to be taught by public health specialists. This program aims to fill this need and is intended for graduates of veterinary medicine from Israel and abroad. It aims to provide veterinarians with knowledge in epidemiology, statistics, economics, health marketing, organization and management and food sanitation.

All master's courses are given in English.

Department Officials


Head of the teaching program:
Prof. Eyal Klement
Telephone: 08-9489560

Ms. Jackie Hirsch
Telephone: 08-9489021