Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment (728) - Master's Degree            

The teaching program provides students with opportunities to study and research various environmental topics, with an emphasis on pollution treatment, overexploitation of natural resources and the influence of agriculture on these issues. The program encompasses chemical, physical, ecological, economical and ethical aspects.

The program is aimed at students who comply with the admission requirements for a master's degree in the Faculty of Agriculture and have the relevant background (a bachelor's degree in environment or in the various agriculture, natural sciences, engineering or economics and management programs). Students with a different background will be assigned an individual complementary studies program by the teaching program Study Committee.

This track is part of the academic program offered by the Advanced School of Environmental Studies of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, so students are also enrolled in the school and attend its courses. The school’s mission is to train and bring together the very best researchers and practitioners in the various environmental fields, and to provide them with opportunities to confront broad-scope issues from different disciplinary, interdisciplinary and international perspectives. The school offers four tracks with common core courses for students of different academic backgrounds. The core courses provide students with an interdisciplinary framework in which they can acquire knowledge and understanding of the issues and approaches guiding environmental research in the various fields of study.

The study program is comprised of compulsory and elective courses as determined by the supervisor and approved by the Study Committee. Its scope is 24 credits in the thesis track and 40 credits in the non-thesis track.

The thesis topic must be directly related to the areas of environmental protection and quality, and requires the approval of the Study Committee.

All master's courses are given in English.

Department Officials


Head of the teaching program:
Prof. Eran Tas
Telephone: 08-9489139

Ms. Gila Shoham
Telephone: 08-9489086

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