Environmental Sciences (591) - Bachelor's Degree            
The program offers studies in Environmental Sciences to holders of a BSc in Natural Science. The program will impart knowledge in the theoretical-scientific direction, for understanding the functioning of the natural environment and the relations between it and people. Students will be exposed to a variety of subjects and problems in basic and applied environmental sciences, and trained to continue their studies in a research and/or practical specialization direction.

Study in the teaching program is possible only in a dual teaching program track, in combination with another teaching program.

It is recommended to combine Environmental Sciences with Earth or Life Sciences, but a combination with Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Physics is also possible. It is also possible to combine with one of the following teaching programs in other faculties at the University:
Communications, Geography, Education, International Relations, Political Science, Economics, Statistics, Business Administration, Sociology and Anthropology, Psychology, Philosophy, Jewish History, Archeology or Law. Combining with other faculties is more difficult and recommended only for outstanding students.

Admission to each of the teaching programs separately is required.

Structure of the studies: Basic studies in Natural Science, compulsory courses in a broad range of Environmental Sciences fields, and advanced elective courses.

Due to differences in students’ backgrounds and the variety of options they have, the teaching program’s advisors have a major role in designing each student’s study program. Conflicts between courses may require that the order of students’ studies may be different than desired. This is especially true for combinations with teaching programs in other faculties. In all cases the study program should be structured carefully in order to achieve optimal use of the study period.

Courses specifically for the excellence program are indicated by the prefix 89***.

Study camps and trips: Some courses include study camps and trips. Students who cancel their registration for a trip after the determining date will be required to pay the costs.

Registration for trips ends at the end of the period allowed for changes in semester 1. After that in special cases registration is possible only for trips in semester 2 which will not be canceled only on the basis of available places. On all trips students bear the cost of meals which we have to order according to the University’s regulations. In all optional trips (according to students’ study program) in addition to the cost of meals students will also bear the costs of accommodation and travel.
The program is responsible for organizing and funding the administration and transport of trips and study camps.

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Master’s courses in the faculty are given in Hebrew unless a foreign student who does not speak Hebrew is taking the course. In such a case the course will be given in English.

Department Officials

Compulsory in the teaching program
Compulsory Mathematics studies
Compulsory basic studies
* Compulsory year 1 studies
Years 2-3 studies

Compulsory elective

Elective in the teaching program

Total in the teaching program

Cornerstone Program

Additional teaching program

Total for the degree (minimum)

Total for the degree (maximum)
Compulsory in the teaching programCompulsory Mathematics studiesCompulsory basic studies* Compulsory year 1 studiesYears 2-3 studiesCompulsory electiveElective in the teaching programTotal in the teaching programCornerstone ProgramAdditional teaching programTotal for the degree (minimum)Total for the degree (maximum)
Earth Sci. with spec. in Climate-Atmosphere-Oceanography and Env. Sci. in dual teaching prog. track
(track 6017)
255 8.546.5697.5150150
Earth Sciences with specialization in Geology and Environmental Sciences in Dual Major track
(track 6018)
Life Sciences and Earth Sciences with specialization inClimate-Atmosphere-Oceanog - dual Major track
(track 8030)
Environment and Life Sciences- dual Major track
(track 8032)
Environment and Chemistry- dual Major track
(track 8033)
Environment and Physics- dual Major track
(track 8034)
Computer Science and Environmental Studies - Dual Major
(track 8035)
Environment and Mathematic- dual Major track
(track 8036)
34.524-2617.55669.5-71.5 662 137 139.5
Earth Sciences and Environmental Sciences -dual Major track year 1
(track 8037)
Environment- dual Major track
(track 8038)
Environmental Sciences and Law
(track 8039)
Environment Sciences, Geography and Geoinformatics - Dual Major track
(track 8040)
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