Physics (541) - Master's Degree            
Physics is the most fundamental natural science, which attempts to decipher the basic laws of nature, ranging from the microscopic composition of matter to the structure of the whole universe.
Studies of physics represent a fascinating intellectual challenge, training teaching, research and development personnel for whom there is greatest demand in academia and industry.
As a natural science, physics combines laboratory experiments with theoretical research where the main research tools are mathematics and the computer.
In the first years of study the bases of mathematics and physics, experimental and theoretical, are imparted. Later students are exposed to advanced subjects in modern physics.
The MSc studies, which usually last two years, consist of compulsory courses, elective courses and a final research thesis. The specialization is expressed through the composition of elective courses and the subject of the thesis.
MSc students are integrated into the advanced research groups of the Institute of Physics.
Outstanding students are invited at the end of the first year and during the second year of MSc studies to join the direct PhD track.
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Master’s courses in the faculty are given in Hebrew unless a foreign student who does not speak Hebrew is taking the course. In such a case the course will be given in English.

Department Officials

Head of Department – Studies
Prof.  Hagai Eisenberg
Room 9, Levin Building, tel. 02-6585226

Assistant to Chairman of Physics Studies
Idit Mor Kline
Room 9, Levin Building, tel. 02-6584541

Secretary for students
Natali Ashkenazi
Room 9, Levin Building, tel. 02-6585226

Department Administration | Physics | Office hours     

Sunday to Thursday
12:00 - 08:00
15:30 - 13:00

Counsellor – Masters Students
please make an appointment by email

Dr. Michael Smolkin
Room 106, Kaplun Building, tel. 02-6584374


Composition of grades: courses 40%, final thesis 30%, final exam 30%.

Compulsory in the teaching programCompulsory electiveElective in the teaching programTotal for the degree (minimum)Total for the degree (maximum)
Physics Research Master's Degree with specializing in quantum technologies and information
(track 4073)
לקראת מוסמך
Towards Graduate Studies

Eligible to submit their candidacy for the MSc are holders of a BSc in “extended single teaching program Physics” or “single teaching program Physics” from the Hebrew University with a minimum weighted grade of 80. Students whose final grade is at least 85 are admitted directly. The admission of students whose BSc average is below 85 must be approved by the teaching program’s admissions committee. Students who completed BSc studies in Physics at a recognized academic institution with the same results may apply for MSc studies.

Students who studies in other tracks such as  “single teaching program Physics” must take supplementary studies, including compulsory courses that they had not yet taken, and particularly the courses Analytical Electrodynamics, Quantum Theory II, Introduction to Statistical Physics and Equations of Mathematical Physics, Introduction to Research. Students can be admitted to MSc studies only after fulfilling the requirements of supplementary studies with the conditions as determined and in accordance with the BSc studies program.