Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition (723) - Master's Degree            

Graduates receive a master's degree in Nutritional Sciences*. Students may write their thesis in the field of biochemistry, food science and nutrition. Students must complete 24 credits for the thesis track and 40 credits for the non-thesis track, of which at least 10 and 18 credits (respectively) are from the closed list of elective courses offered by the teaching program. The minimum bachelor's GPA for admission is 80.

First-year students must prepare a study and research program and obtain the approval of the Study Committee so that they may advance to the second year. Participation in the library workshop for master's students in the course of the first year is a prerequisite for obtaining the Committee approval. Students must coordinate their participation with the library. The workshop will be given in two parts: Part 1 will be given either on 3.11.19 between 9:00-10:00 am, or on 1.12.19 between 4:00-5:30 pm; Part 2 will be given on 3.11.19 between 11:00-12:30 am, or on 1.12.19 between 6:00-7:30 pm. Only students who have presented confirmations of their participation in both parts of the workshop may submit their study and research program.

All students conducting clinical or epidemiological research must take course 71138. In addition, all students conducting research which involves laboratory animals are required to take course 94810, "Ethical Use of Laboratory Animals", given at the Faculty of Medicine in Jerusalem

*Please note: a Master's Degree in Nutritional Sciences does not qualify students to enroll in the professional nutritional training given by the Ministry of Health.

All master's courses are given in English.

Department Officials


Head of the teaching program:
Prof. Hagai Abeliovich
Telephone: 08-9489624

Ms. Gili Avidor-Gafni
Telephone: 08-9489265